What checks do you conduct on second hand cars which you are selling?

We have our qualified specialist mechanics check every car we put up for sale. The mechanical condition of the car is checked. All paper work like log book, service history, MOT records, etc are checked and verified.

What guarantee period do you provide on cars you sell?

We provide a standard 3 months warranty on cars we sell. This is subject to any specific constraints from the car manufacturer on parts, etc

Is the car serviced fully and new MOT provided before it sold?

Depending on the service history records we have acquired for a car, we will ensure that appropriate servicing is done. Every car we sell which is more than 3 years old will come with an MOT. We can arrange for an MOT to be done for you should you wish, after you secure the purchase of the car.

Will you consider a part exchange for a car purchased from you?

Depending on the age and price of the car we are selling, we may consider a part exchange based on the condition and our valuation of your vehicle. All relevant paperwork will need to be provided for us to complete our valuation to make an offer.